5 Ways To Enjoy Coffee Beyond Your Morning Cup

12 April 2016
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If you're a coffee lover, then you probably like the idea of desserts, sauces, and drinks made with coffee. Here are five examples of foods and drinks to try out.

Irish Coffee

An Irish coffee is made with black coffee, Irish whiskey, and whipped heavy cream. The whiskey is poured into the coffee and the whipped cream is then placed on top. Most restaurants that serve hard alcohol will have this. It's a popular after dinner drink. If you love whiskey, then you should try the combination. As the cream melts, it cascades down into the coffee turning it a lighter brown. So if you're not someone who likes black coffee, don't worry, the cream will pale the drink as it warms.

Mocha Frosting

Mocha frosting is made by combining coffee and chocolate, then mixing the two into a frosting. A popular  type of mocha frosting is buttercream. There are lots of different buttercreams, but one nice one is Swiss meringue. Egg whites and sugar are heated in a double boiler and whipped until they form soft peaks. This is the meringue. Softened butter is then folded into the warm meringue. At this stage you have regular Swiss buttercream. To make mocha flavored buttercream a liquid mixture of melted chocolate and black coffee is slowly poured into the buttercream mixture.

Coffee and Kahula Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are made by melting chocolate and heavy cream together. The mixture is then taken off the heat and left to cool down. When it has firmed up, it is formed into small balls. A great twist on classic chocolate truffles is one that combines black coffee and Kahula. A dark coffee, along with the coffee flavored liquor, creates a deep chocolate flavor that is pure decadence.

Cinnamon and Coffee Chocolate Cake

Coffee is often added to chocolate cakes because it enhances the depth of the chocolates flavor. An interesting variation on this uses cinnamon. The idea of using cinnamon with chocolate is very popular in Mexican culture. Cinnamon gives the cake a spicy flavor that works well with the coffee and chocolate.Because the flavor is so intense, this is a cake the probably doesn't need a heavy frosting like a buttercream. Instead, you could use a coffee flavored ganache.

Coffee Flavored Ganache

Ganache is a delicate, simple type of frosting or icing. It can be made with two simple ingredients: chocolate and heavy cream. To boost the flavor, you could substitute some of the heavy cream with a dark roast brewed coffee. An Italian or Spanish roast would be perfect. A ratio of 50/25/25 would work well. Fifty percent dark or bittersweet chocolate, twenty five percent brewed coffee, and twenty five percent heavy cream. Contact a business, such as Monin, for more information.