First Time Jitters? 4 Tips For Interviewing Wedding Caterers Like A Pro

11 April 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

No matter whether your wedding budget is large or small, finding the right caterer is important to making the best day possible. But if this is your first time trying to hire a caterer, it's easy to make rookie mistakes. How can you navigate the task and find the best caterer you can afford? Here are the 4 top tips.

What's Their Availability?

Be sure you understand the caterer's booking and payment process thoroughly, especially if you're getting married during a busy season. You may need to start your search as much as 6-9 months early to ensure availability. Once you select a caterer, know when your date becomes confirmed and when each payment is due. Talk regularly with them about payment receipt and the wedding day schedule. 

Talk About Your Budget

If it's tight, bring up your budget early and often in the selection process. A good caterer can work with limited budgets while still offering a variety of options. Ask about package deals or alternatives to a sit-down dinner. Be sure to get written confirmation of what is and is not included (including taxes) in any quotes you receive. 

Look at their Overall Portfolio

You want a caterer with a modern menu and vibrant presentation offerings, rather than one who only does what they've always done. So be sure to look carefully at their portfolio, website and social media accounts to see what they have to offer and how they offer it. Ask about how sustainable their food supply sources are and how reliable seasonal menus are. Schedule a tasting and make sure it comes with some presentation samples. 

Are they Team Players?

While your caterer is the expert on food and presentation for the wedding, you need to be able to work as a partnership to find the right balance for your event. During your interview(s), pay attention to how the caterer responds to your needs, your ideas and your wishes. He or she should be a good listener and be able to make adjustments for budget, taste and style. An experienced professional will also be able to build upon your ideas and offer new ones you hadn't thought of while still respecting your big day plans.  

 Finding the right catering company is a matter of asking a lot of questions and paying attention to the details. By knowing what details are important in your selection, you can make the best choice for any size event and any size budget. Begin your search by checking out a catering company like Marians Island Wide Catering.