3 Popular Types Of Pizza

29 March 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

When you want to get out and about and enjoy the flavor of different types of pizza, there are many different types that you can enjoy. There are numerous specialties that you can choose from and plenty of restaurants that you can stop by if you want to enjoy excellent and delicious pies baked to perfection. With this in mind, you can read on and enjoy any of these types of pizza so that you are able to try the many different versions available to you. 

The Neapolitan

This pizza is one of the most popular around, because it set the tone for many different types of pizza that came after it. On a regular basis, this pizza is broken down in two different types -- Margherita pizza and marinara pizza. The Margherita pizza has mozzarella, tomato sauce, and fresh basil. Marinara pizza features fresh tomato, olive oil and seasonings, but does not have cheese. It is more veggie centric and features a thin crust. This type of pizza has set the tone for most of the versions that people eat in the west, though it was originally birthed in Italy. 

The Chicago Pizza

When you want a pizza that is savory and filling, the Chicago deep dish pizza is the way to go about it. Unlike other types of pizza, this one features the ingredients cooked deeply inside of the crust as opposed to on top of it -- hence the "deep dish" nickname. This pizza was created in Chicago in the 1940s and is known for its thickness and the amount of ingredients that are cooked within it. This deep dish pizza features a plethora of sauces, meats and vegetables and is baked similar to a cake. It was created at a restaurant called Pizzeria Uno, which has gone on to become a franchise all over the country. 

The Lahma Bi Ajeen

This pizza originates in the Middle East and features a variety of unique flavorings. The pizza is meat centric with plenty of dough and is typically topped with yogurt and onions. It features a variety of flavorings and usually includes lamb that is ground up. It is lightly baked and features a variety of savory flavors and spices. 

As you can see, there are many different types of pizza that you can try out. Stop by a pizza restaurant that can offer you these specialties today.